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Several years ago we started a business, Sinopoli & Sinopoli Financial Services, LLC, to assist clients in monitoring the performance of their savings and investments. Our base has grown to well over 100 million dollars of clients' assets under our watch.

We have been able to partner with several large investment firms to offer our clients a reduced service fee vs. what they would be able to secure on their own.

How it Works 

After a review of your current investments and goals we help develop a diversified portfolio of professional managers to buy and sell securities for you. We work with Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch.

Due to our relationship with these firms, we are able to offer our clients a reduced fee for all of their services, including the professional managers. Sinopoli & Sinopoli does not charge any additional fees above and beyond this, meaning the fee charged by the investment firm includes all services from start to finish.

Our Services

On a quarterly basis, we review the balances, investment breakdowns, and performance of your accounts. We also provide you with a summary schedule of the accounts each quarter. Additionally, each quarter we receive and review the performance reports of each professionally managed account, discuss issues, if any, with the broker involved and suggest changes with you and the broker if we are not satisfied with the performance.

In summary, we help our clients bring their savings into a professional structure, monitor the performance, make recommendations and provide general oversight to make sure your ultimate goals are achieved.